Dating app manager reveals the red flags to look out for in men's profiles

One tip was to avoid men who have nice cars in their photos.
One tip was to avoid men who have nice cars in their photos. Photo credit: Tiktok

A popular Tik Tok user has shared tips with her 35,700 followers on what to watch out for on dating apps.

Sydney Plus, a customer support manager for an unnamed dating app, shared horror stories the app's users come to her with on the account.

In a video, she shared four important things to watch out for in a potential match's profile.

First is to notice the types of profile photos he uses. If "he is standing in front of a nice car, 8/10 it's not his". 

The second is to not skip over what's written in the bio - if he calls himself an entrepreneur, writer or musician, be prepared "to split the bill at dinner".

Also bios that reference their mother, for example "my mother is the world" - Sydney says he'll either ghost you or propose within a month, with "no inbetween". 

And a final red flag to note is if his profile reads: "Is looking for [something] casual."

"Not worth the tears, sis," Sydney said - a man in that mindset won't change. 

The video racked up more than 71,000 views and 300 comments, with many people revealing their own dating app experiences under the video.