Mark Richardson blasts Australian childcare chain for urging parents to ask for permission before nappy changes

An Australian childcare chain is encouraging parents to ensure nappy changes are "respectful" and should ask permission before doing so.

In a recent newsletter, parents were urged by childcare chain Only About Children to ask for permission first and not to interrupt their toddler when they're playing, 7 News reported.

The centre says it's less about consent and more about creating respectful relationships from an early age. 

"Continue to ask for cooperation but understand that your toddler may wish to now stand for their nappy change," the newsletter says, as reported by 7 News.

"Also encourage their independence, you may ask him to take off his own nappy or wipe himself.

"Wait for a gap in their playing before starting the nappy changing process."

The news was reported on The AM Show on Wednesday morning, raising eyebrows with the show's hosts.

"Mark [Richardson] has been outraged over a few things this morning and I suspect this one will outrage him too," newsreader Amanda Gillies said before reading the story.

"Oh, c'mon - you just pick 'em up and go… yep that needs a change, put them down and you change them," responded a humoured Richardson, The AM Show's sports reader.

"I'm sorry, these do-gooders are causing more problems…"

"It's overthinking it," concluded host Duncan Garner.

Australian sexuality Deanne Carson, in 2018, kicked up a stink for suggesting parents should ask for their baby's consent before changing nappies. 

She said to tell babies, "I'm going to change your nappy now - is that okay?" and then wait for a response. 

"If you leave a space and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact, then you're letting that child know that their response matters," Carson told ABC Australia.