Recipe: How to make sukiyaki

Recipe courtesy of Sarah Huang Benjamin

Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish of fatty beef, vegetables and tofu simmered in a sweet sauce. It's a fun way to mix things up and it's easy to make at home!


  • Serves two people
  • 300g sliced fatty beef
  • 150g shiitake mushrooms
  • 150g shiitake mushrooms
  • 150g enoki mushrooms
  • 1 stalk scallion
  • 1 block of tofu (300g)
  • 4-5 leaves of napa cabbage
  • 200g shirataki noodles (washed)
  • 300ml dashi stock


1) Prepare the ingredients

  1. Cut into 8 thick slices of a block of tofu & set aside
  2. Cut 4 to 5 large leaves of napa cabbage into 2" width & set aside
  3. Slice diagonally a stalk of scallion & set aside
  4. Remove roots of enoki mushroom & set aside
  5. Remove the stems of shiitake mushrooms
  6. Slice a cross on the top of the mushrooms to make a decorative cut & set aside.

2) Prepare Sukiyaki sauce

In a saucepan over low heat, mix the sugar, soy sauce and mirin together and stir until sugar dissolves.

How to make authentic, amazing Japanese sukiyaki.
Photo credit: Asian Food Network

3) Sear beef

  1. Heat in a pot at medium high and add oil
  2. Add scallions and stir fry for 20 seconds
  3. Add and sear beef slices in the pot and when the colour of meat starts to turn
  4. Add half of the prepared Sukiyaki sauce and half of dashi stock
  5. Arrange cabbage, tofu, shirataki noodles, mushrooms into pot neatly
  6. Bring to a boil
  7. Adjust taste according to individual likings by adding remaining Sukiyaki sauce and dashi stock.
Delicious, authentic sukiyaki.
Photo credit: Asian Food Network

4) Plate and serve

Serve with bowl of rice and 1 raw egg in a small bowl at aside.

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