TikTok user fools internet with claim activewear supplier made backside-exposing leggings

The exposing leggings went viral on social media.
The exposing leggings went viral on social media. Photo credit: Tik Tok / @Fathermarge / SavagexFenty

A TikTok user has gone viral by posting a video of a pair of leggings which expose the wearer's backside, claiming they were made by international activewear company Fabletics. 

TikTok user '@Fathermarge' shared a picture of the leggings with the caption: "We need some answers!!"

"Okay, so I was on Fabletics to see this month's outfit because I had a credit to use," she said in the video. 

"Can someone at Fabletics tell me what this is? Things are getting a little crazy."

In the background of the user's video, you can see the leggings in question. 

From the front, they look like normal activewear, but the back involves a criss-crossing fabric design, which leaves the model's bottom on display.  

Many users tagged Fabletics in the video's comments, demanding an explanation for why these were made, and what exactly they would be used for. 

"Definitely not squat-proof," one user wrote. 

"What activity do you do in these… the only activity I can think of is explosive diarrhea."

However, some internet sleuths soon realised the revealing activewear was not made by Fabletics at all. 

The leggings were actually made by Rihanna's brand Savage x Fenty.
The leggings were actually made by Rihanna's brand Savage x Fenty. Photo credit: Savage x Fenty

"I'm a Fabletics person… how did I not see this?" one person asks

"I am too - I searched for a while. Definitely not there," another Fabletics fan replied. 

It turns out the leggings are actually produced by pop star Rihanna's lingerie brand Savage x Fenty, and according to the website, are meant to be worn for a "cozy night in". 

"Our Soft Mesh Open-Back Crotchless Legging features sheer soft mesh fabrics that provide a comfortable fit and an open strappy back for a playful surprise," the website description says. 

At the time of writing, 'Fathermarge's' Tik Tok has been viewed 3.2 million times, but she has not yet corrected where the leggings are from. 

The only acknowledgment of her prank is in her TikTok bio, in which she writes: "Guys the Fabletics Tok is a joke."