US fast-food worker told Burger King uniform 'distracting' to customer's husband

burger king worker uniform "distracting"
But the worker had an incredible response. Photo credit: TikTok/rockefeller.o

A US fast-food worker is sharing online some of the harassment she receives on a daily basis, including being told to change because her uniform was "too distracting" for a customer's husband. 

Burger King employee Lala posted on TikTok about the uncomfortable experience, including her incredible response. 

"I had a lady complain today because my uniform was a 'distraction' to her husband," she explained in the video, showing off the offending outfit. 

The generic Burger King uniform is one many fast-food workers will recognise: A cap, polo shirt and plain jeans. 

There's sadly only one reason the stranger's husband must have found the uniform distracting, which Lala pointed out in her response. 

"'I guess I'll leave my ass at home next time," she quipped, before giving the finger to the camera. 

"Girl, f**k you," she captioned the clip, which has now been viewed over 11.5 million times.

Commenters were quick to double down on her statements.

"For real! Our bodies are not a distraction," wrote one angry viewer.

"Maybe she should get a new husband?" another questioned. 

"People really do be that insecure," wrote somebody else.

While this incident happened in the US, it echoes problematic statements about female bodies that have been made closer to home. 

Earlier this year, Wellington Girls' College had to apologise to its students and staff after a Year 13 pupil was sent home for wearing a tank top, which she was told would be "distracting" to male teachers.