US TikTokker Nick Alexander baffled by muddy British beach

US TikTokker Nick Alexander baffled by muddy British beach
Photo credit: TikTok / @mr.miami_uk

A US TikTok star has gone viral after mocking the British seaside when he visited a beach there for the first time.

Nick Alexander, known as Mr Miami UK, travelled with friends to Weston-super-Mare near Bristol in Somerset, a seaside town which has a famously long beach covered in mud.

Alexander, who is from Miami, Florida and is more familiar with white sand beaches there, documented his visit to the British beach in several videos posted to TikTok.

In one video, he talks about the thick, muddy sand on the beach, saying: "I didn't expect the mud was going to come up to my knees. My Crocs got completely obliterated so I had to take them off and had to go on my toes."

He captioned another clip "Weston Super Mud - Don't Go There".

"I don't know who decided to call this a beach, but where I come from beaches don't look like this," he says.

"It's just horrible. What the hell is this?"

His most popular TikTok video mocking the beach has racked up nearly 150,000 views and over 14,000 likes.

Alexander says overall, his trip to the beach ended up "being an absolutely shit day".

But he's persevering with finding a good beach in the UK and says he'll visit Devon and Cornwall in the summer in the hopes he'll have a better experience.

The TikTok star's mum is originally from Wolverhampton and later moved to Miami, where Alexander is from. He's since moved to the West Midlands city and has become popular on social media, where he's shared his experiences as an American getting accustomed to English culture, food, and entertainment.