Auckland Restaurant Month: The best $25, $40 and $55+ menus from around the city

August doesn't just mark the last month of winter, it also marks one of the best times of the year for Auckland foodies: Heart of the City's Restaurant Month. 

For the uninitiated, this month sees some of the city's best chefs showcase delicious food with discounted menus, a special chef's table series and other exciting events. 

Powerhouses like Nic Watt, Gareth Stewart and Michael Meredith are all hosting evenings, but if your taste falls more on the budget end of the scale, there's a lot on offer for you too. 

We've pulled together our top picks from the full list of special Restaurant Month menus which can be found on the official website.  


Ghost Donkey 
$25 for a two course Mexican lunch or dinner + glass of sparkling wine 

  • Main: Tray your way. Choose from between: 
  1. Two tacos of your choice with salsa & Mexistrone soup 
  2. Sonoran Hot Dog & Chips, salsa & Mexistrone soup 
  • Dessert:  Horchata cup, grilled pineapple and dulce de leche 
  • Drink match (included) : NV Gran Castilla Rocio Brut Cava, D.O Cava

$25 for a two-course Italian lunch or dinner 

  • Entrée : Mozzarella, roasted beetroot, orange and mint 
  • Main: Pappardelle pasta with the choice of: 
  1. Butternut squash, pistachio & pecorino 
  2. Bolognese sauce 
  • Drink Match recommendation:  2019 Menhir Salento NZro Negromato IGT, Puglia - $10/glass


$40 for a two-course vegetarian lunch or dinner + wine matches

  • Entrée: Cheung fun rice noodle rolls, crispy net, mushrooms, radish & XO sauce 
  • Main : Mei goreng hokkien noodles, crispy wonton wafer, mushrooms, spicy tofu and pea feathers 

Drink Match (included) 

  • Entrée: 2020 The Darling Pinot Gris, Marlborough 
  • Main: 2019 Settlement Ashmore Riesling, Marlborough

$40 for a three-course Mediterranean lunch or dinner (receive all dishes on the menu)


  • House Pita, za'atar and smoked salt 
  • Baba ghanoush, mint, lot 8 and extra virgin olive oil (GF)
  • Marinated feta, basil pistou and olives (GF) 


  • Chargrilled lamb shish kebab, coriander, fennel, toum and curry leaves (GF) 
  • Turmeric cauliflower, pomegranate, kasundi, cumin and tahini (GF) 
  • Chips, berbere, honey mustard and curry leaves (GF) 


  • Bombe Alaska, plum ice cream, olive oil cake and blueberry (GF) 
  • Drink Match recommendation 
  • Bandini NV Prosecco, Veneto - $10/glass NON 1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomlile - $10/glass

Reign & Pour
$40 for a two-course lunch or dinner + glass of wine 

Entrée - Choose from between: 

  • Sriracha glazed prawn crackers with fresh bean sprouts 
  • Mushroom arancini with tomato consul and gremolata 
  • Miso glazed roast aubergine with spiced pumpkin seeds 

Main: Choose from between: 

  • Gnocchi with crispy kale and romesco sauce 
  • Slow-cooked braised lamb shank with ginger-infused kumara mash, stout jus and mint yoghurt 
  • Awhi farm sirloin served with potato mash and jus 

Drink match (1 included) 

  • 2017 The Darling Little Darling Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 
  • 2020 The Darling Little Darling Pinot Noir, Marlborough


$89 for a three-course modern Italian lunch or dinner + 3 wine matches 

  • Entrée: Bostock squash ravioli with burnt butter and sage 
  • Main: Bostock organic chicken, alla cacciatora with roasted potatoes and seasonal greens 
  • Dessert: Bostock organic apple strudel 

Drink Match (included) 

  • Entrée: 2018 Bostock Chardonnay, Hawke's Bay 
  • Main: 2018 Bostock Shiraz, Hawke's Bay 
  • Dessert: 2018 Bostock Pinot Gris, Hawke's Bay

Ghost Street
$55 for a three-course Chinese lunch or dinner 

Receive all dishes in first and second courses.

First course 

  • Chinese pickles, fried wonton skins and chilli salt 
  • Shiitake, spinach and water chestnut dumplings, spicy sauce and Sichuan oil
  • Steamed wong bok rolls, soy and fresh chilli 

Second course 

  • Red braised brisket, yellow noodles, bean paste, dried chillies and sichuan pepper
  • Soy braised (Dong Po) pork belly, steamed Shanghai greens and coriander 
  • Jasmine rice 

Third course (choose between)

  • Baked coconut buns 
  • Hong Kong egg tarts 

Drink match recommendation 

  • 2019 Settlement Ashmore Riesling, Marlborough - $15.50/glass, $75/bottle 
  • 2019 Prophet's Rock Rocky Point Pinot Noir, Central Otago - $16/glass, $80/bottle

Hello Beasty
$55 for a five-course pan-Asian lunch or dinner 

GF & Vegetarian available

  • First course: Sichuan tuna tartare, nori cracker, pickled radish and avocado 
  • Second course: KFC Korean, fried cauliflower and gochujang glaze 
  • Third course: Steamed nikuman sticky pork hock buns 
  • Fourth course: Korean spiced BBQ chicken, charred broccolini and spring onion flatbread 
  • Fifth course: Beasty soft serve 

Drink match recommendation 

  • 2019 Mahi Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough - $13/glass 
  • 2020 Unico Zelco Halcyon Days Nero d'Avola, South Australia - $16/glass

$75 for a four-course Spanish lunch or dinner + 4 wine matches 

Vegetarian menu available

  • First course: Haloumi, onion & coriander ravioli with beurre blanc sauce 
  • Second course : Smoked kahawai, chive & lemon risotto with dill sour crème 
  • Third course : Seared venison loin with truffle mash, spinach puree and jus 
  • Fourth course : Tiramasu 

Drink match (included) 

  • First Course: 2020 Georges Road Riesling, Waipara 
  • Second Course: 2016 Darling Chardonnay 'Organic', Marlborough 
  • Third Course: 2019 Georges Road Syrah, Waipara
  • Fourth Course: NV Turkey Flat Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Barossa Valley