Australian mum wows internet with her clever hack to get a spotless oven

The Aussie mum achieves a spotless oven with a very unlikely kitchen product.
The Aussie mum achieves a spotless oven with a very unlikely kitchen product. Photo credit: Mums Who Clean Facebook

An Aussie mum has wowed the internet after she revealed her top tip for getting a spotless oven - using a very unlikely kitchen product.

Lucy, a member of the Facebook community 'Mums Who Clean', shared before-and-after snaps of her oven after using her clever - and cheap - cleaning hack. 

The trick involves coating the inside of the oven with any cleaning product and leaving it to soak under a layer of Glad Wrap. 

Lucy said the cling wrap, which is available from leading supermarkets for just a few dollars, prevents the cleaning products from drying out - making it easier to wipe away dirt and grime without the need for intense scrubbing.

"Got a tip from Instagram to layer Glad Wrap on top of your cleaner so it doesn't dry out," she wrote.

The method starts with removing the racks inside the oven. 

"It takes a little while but you want a really thick covering of foam as it comes out," Lucy wrote.

She then applies the cleaning product - she opts for Easy-off Bam Spray Foam - before covering it with the plastic flm, pressing firmly to stop air from entering.

Then "wait, wait, wait" - Lucy recommended about six hours.

After that, simply discard the Glad Wrap, fill the sink with hot water and detergent, and get wiping.

"No scrubbing, just wiping with my Scrub Daddy sponge and then a microfibre cloth," Lucy continued.

The post amassed hundreds of responses, with one woman calling the trick the "best and easiest hack ever".

"Be right back - cleaning the oven," another wrote.