Drunk women attempt to cook dumplings in empty NYC restaurant after power cut unlocked doors

women getting dumplings new york
The women can be seen staggering into the kitchen and grabbing a bag of dumplings. Photo credit: YouTube/Inside Edition.

We've all craved an indulgent feed while under the influence and arguably there's nothing better after one too many drinks than some delicious, steaming hot dumplings.

But rather than order some on Uber Eats, a pair of New York women took it on themselves to try and make their own after coming across a restaurant whose automatic doors had unlocked during a power cut. 

Thanks to CCTV footage published by Inside Edition, the women can be seen staggering into the kitchen and grabbing a bag of dumplings. 

"Dumplings!" they both squeal, before one friend goes to "turn on all the fryers". 

"What are you doing?" her friend asks, to which she replies: "I'm frying things." 

At one point, one of the women questions: "Are we trespassing?"

They also realise they're not dressed for the occasion, when the first woman questions why it's "so slippery", to which her friend replies, "because it's oil".  

"On my new shoes! Bitch I'm in Gucci shoes," the woman exclaims. 

The pair left having not managed to successfully cook the dumplings, but took with them a stolen frozen bag. 

Restaurant owner Jason Wang told Inside Edition he'll be upping their security systems.

He added the women had reached out with both an apology and US$150, but said he won't be satisfied until they issue "a public apology".