First female Supreme Pie winner stuns judges with steak and cheese creation

Steak and cheese has taken out the top prize at this year's Supreme Pie Awards.

Winner Sopheap Long, of Euro Patisserie in Torbay on Auckland's North Shore, is the first woman to take out the competition's top nod.

She says there are several things that make up an award-winning creation.

"Flaky pastry, and then secondly have to be the flavour, has to be really nice combined together, and lastly, it's the cheese."

Long's pie beat out nearly 5000 other entries.

"You know, the standard this year with the steak and cheese pies, they just said the category was outstanding," says Brent Kersel, managing director of NZ Bakels.

By lunchtime, the word of Long's victory was well and truly out, with dozens of people getting their hands on her award-winning pies at Euro Patisserie.

"It's bloody good for a steak and cheese," says one man. "Because 10's almost unattainable, I'll give it a solid nine, nine-and-a-half."

Although after reaching the middle of the pie with some time to digest and reflect, he later gave it a 10.

Long says she's "over the moon" about her win - but it wasn't the only 'first' in the competition.

"Steak and cheese never won the big Supreme Award, and this year, 2021, time of the steak and cheese - golden year," Long says.