Have Your Say: Would you knowingly eat at a restaurant that has a D grade?

  • 04/07/2021

The latest round of Auckland's filthiest restaurants has revealed a horrifying look into the infestations and uncleanliness that plague some eateries.

Eleven restaurants received E grades from Auckland Council between March 8 and June 30 for varying reasons, including cockroach infestations, dirty and unhygienic premises, and cross-contamination risks. For an outlet to be given an E grade, there must be critical food safety risks. They must close as a result.

Another 37 received D grades, which are given when a business needs to improve but it isn't a critical risk. They are allowed to stay open.

A detailed list of D and E-grade restaurants for this time period is here.

Photos supplied to Newshub show one food outlet with cockroaches and bugs sitting at the bottom of a drawer. Other images show bugs stuck to a glue rat trap and mouldy chopping boards.

While many restaurants that received D or E grades are now sitting on an A, some are sitting on C or D.

Would you knowingly eat at a restaurant that has a D grade? Have your say in Newshub's straw poll below. Click here if you're having trouble viewing the poll.

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