How to protect your skin if it's drying out in the cold winter months

snowy skin
If your normally-dewy skin is as dry as a bone, Tailor founder Sara Quilter is here to help. Photo credit: Getty Images.

If you're still using the same strong foaming cleanser and light gel moisturiser that get you through the sweaty summer months, you're not doing your skin any favours during this freezing winter. 

Cold temperatures and indoor heating wreak havoc on our epidermis, leaving even the dewiest of complexions dry as a bone. 

"Have you ever noticed your skin's oil production increasing when you go to the tropics? Especially when the skincare you packed is way too heavy? Well, the opposite is true for winter," advises Tailor skincare CEO Sara Quilter. 

"Colder months often result in a reduction to your skin's oil production along with sweat, which are two key components of your skin's acid mantle (the protective layer which helps to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated)."

Sara Quilter has given her top tips for nourishing winter skin.
Sara Quilter has given her top tips for nourishing winter skin. Photo credit: Supplied.

Quilter, who founded her multi-award-winning skincare brand out of her Taranaki kitchen, has put together her top five tips for Newshub to protect your skin in the harsh winter cold:

Keep drinking! 

"It's tempting to slow your water intake when the days cool down, you're not as hot and thirst isn't top of mind. But with every breath (especially in an airconditioned/heated office) you're losing hydration," says Quilter. 

"Balance your caffeine intake with delicious herbal teas - I love ginger and tulsi tea (Holy Basil). It's delicious, antioxidant-rich and helps to balance your energy after that morning caffeine spike and inevitable crash." 

Oil it up 

"Ditch that foaming cleanser and try cleansing with oil. Using oil to cleanse your skin and remove makeup may be a foreign concept, but I promise you it's the best way to keep your skin's acid mantle intact," says Quilter.  

"This is especially important in these cold winter months when your skin's natural oil production slows down."

Quilter uses Tailor Oil Cleanse, while here at Newshub we also love Emma Lewisham's Illuminating Oil Cleanser and Dermalogica's Pre-cleanse. 

"You could try blending your own with heavy and lightweight oils, depending on your skin," adds Quilter. 

Buff away 

"If your skin is a little dry and flaky, use an exfoliant to buff and polish away those rough bits. But be sure to moisturise afterwards," says Quilter. 

"I use our vegan clay mask because it's gentle on skin, and is multi-use. You can use it as a mask, scrub or spot treatment. For a full-body scrub, I love the Sugar Cube Girls Coffee Body Scrub." 

Boost it 

"Boost your moisturiser with a couple of drops of natural facial oil before applying it to your skin. The top tip for anti-ageing hydration this winter is to look for a facial oil containing bakuchiol - a non-drying and non-irritating retinol alternative," says Quilter.

"Tailor Illume is my favourite, and I can also recommend Two Bird Beauty as a high-end investment purchase."

Emma Lewisham's Supernatural Oil also contains bakuchiol. 

Protect your pout

"Protect your lips with natural oils, waxes and butters. Yes, mineral oil-based products will help shield your lips while adding gloss but they won't do anything to nourish your pout," says Quilter. 

"Reach for natural lip care. Natural oils contain fatty acids that nourish your skin helping it to better retain moisture. 

"I've been using Karen Murrell Lipsticks for years. They have the most beautiful range of shades plus their natural formula protects and moisturises plus their signature cinnamon scent smells and tastes incredible. No nasty bits will ever touch these lips." 

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