Kiwi reveals 'legendary' tactic for discouraging thieves from stealing delivery packages

boxes front step
"Use the environment to your advantage." Photo credit: Getty Images.

A savvy New Zealander has come up with a crafty way to discourage thieves from stealing deliveries off their front porch, while also taking care of less than desirable household errands. 

The thieving of packages and deliveries left out the front of houses has become an all too common occurrence, with both police and NZ Post forced to investigate numerous reports in recent years. 

But posting in the 'New Zealand' subreddit, one Kiwi said their scheme for stopping the nicking of his deliveries "worked successfully". 

"During the last two weeks, I had two packages taken from my front door during working hours, [filled] with my used cat litter," he wrote. 

"Use the environment to your advantage: If they are stolen, at least steal my rubbish.

"A few more times and my packages will be left alone."

The poster, who later added they live in Auckland's Eastern Bays, said they were hoping for a return visit from the thieves, who would have been greeted with an unwelcome, smelly surprise. 

Replies to the post dubbed it "fantastic". 

"Doing God's work, I hope the people who are taking it are the people who stole my parcel a while back," one person wrote. 

"Legendary," wrote another. 

Others suggested a parcel filled with concrete to be an alternative solution.