'Long mac topped up': Western Australian coffee order causes confusion

It wasn't too long ago that the concept of a 'flat white' was a distinctly Kiwi affair and attempting to order it anywhere apart from Aotearoa would earn you raised eyebrows and a confused look.

Now it's common across Australia, the UK and the US. In typical Aussie style, Melbournians are claiming it as their own. 

Maybe that will be the case with a new Western Australian coffee invention which is popular in Perth but so far has not made its way across the Outback - or indeed the Tasman. 

Pedestrian writer Courtney Fry says she discovered the phenomenon of the 'long mac topped up' from a Perth friend's social media post, calling it "the worst possible coffee". 

Upon further investigation, Fry found the 'LMTU' is a macchiato topped up with "textured milk", "which sounds shockingly like a strong latte, but apparently it is not and Perthonalities will make you feel bad for suggesting such blasphemy against their sacred bean drink". 

There's even a website dedicated to the cause, dubbing itself a "light-hearted movement to advocate the increased use and awareness of our very own coffee vernacular". 

The site says that the LMTU is now present in 14 Western Australian Cafes, two international cafes and has 854 supporters (it seems you become a supporter if you just sign up to the site). 

There's also a campaign to bring it to the menu in Aussie actor Hugh Jackman's New York restaurant. 

While it sounds almost exactly like a double shot latte, the creators are firm on its actual origins on their official Instagram page. 

"I know exactly what I ordered," a recent post reads.

"No longer will we anxiously mutter our order out of fear of being 'corrected'." 

Will the order make its way to Aotearoa any time soon? That remains to be seen.