Loving the luxurious and light living space - this week's The Block NZ winners revealed

Connie & Rach’s winning living room. Photo credit: The Block on Three
Connie & Rach’s winning living room. Photo credit: The Block on Three

Living spaces can be described as the soul of a home, and if you get the design right in your living area potential buyers can’t help but fall in love with your home. 

On Three's The Block NZ this week Team Purple Connie & Rach won top honours and $7000 from TSB with their spectacular lux living room. 

The judges described this living area as close to perfection, and they couldn't help but be wowed when they were in the space.

They loved the great piece of art, magnificent olive tree and the continuity in texture from the master bedroom. The skylight and LED lighting were a hit and the combination drew the eye upwards.

Design experts agree some key themes were beautifully executed in this room.

Artisanal pieces take centre stage

Resene colour consultant Jill Marsh thinks artisanal pieces should take centre stage in our living rooms. 

"Kiwis should look for work from contemporary craftspeople. Glassware, ceramics, modern lighting and woodworking will emerge, just not the big chunky recycled wood of past years."

A key tip is to seek out unique, quality, and ethical pieces in line with Kiwi’s current love affair with sustainable practices.

Experts from Noel Leeming suggest you can turn your TV into elegantly framed artwork that flawlessly blends into your room décor. 

With customised bezels, The Frame by Samsung could quite possibly be the only TV you watch even when it's off.

A key tip from Noel Leeming is to ensure your TV is mounted or positioned in a clear space, away from other clutter.

Cantilever TV brackets, like those used by Connie & Rach, allow you to move your TV to the right angle for your viewing pleasure, helping to avoid sun glare. They also allow for the TV to be tucked away when not in use.

Loving the luxurious and light living space - this week's The Block NZ winners revealed
Resene Paint in Coast - Resene ColorShops 2. Samsung 65' Q70/Samsung 65” Frame 4k Smart QLED TV - Noel Leeming 3. Resene Paint in Black White - Resene Colorshops 4. Endeavour Cantilever Twin Arm TV Wall Mount - Noel Leeming 5. Resene Paint in Alabaster 6. Samsung 55” Frame - Noel Leeming 7. Resene Paint in Eighth Truffle 8. Resene Paint in Barely There 9. Resene Paint in Double Ash - Resene ColorShops 10. Samsung Q900A Sound Bar - Noel Leeming 11. Samsung Customisable Bezel - Noel Leeming

Living area colour trends

Jill suggests looking to upcoming trends for inspiration – it's full force with bold patterns, natural palettes and faux finishes. 

Greys, charcoals and navy blues are stepping up and replacing black in urbane navy/white combos and navy or charcoal accent walls. 

"We are seeing living rooms with darker walls, creating drama and depth –colours like Resene Foundry, a shadowy charcoal full of warmth, or Resene Half Bokara Grey, a burnt bituminous charcoal," she says. "Another colour being used is Resene Indian Ink, a stunning blackened blue – quite often used just on one wall."

Inky blues go with almost any colour and pair well with crisp, white trims and white architectural details. Resene Foundry, Resene Dark Side and Resene Regatta, all inky blues, are proving popular, adding richness and depth to rooms.

"Finishing touches are very important," says Jill. "New homes tend to be very open plan spaces, including kitchen and dining rooms. These areas are usually defined by coloured/feature splashbacks, feature lighting over tables, rugs and artwork in the living space. Throws and rugs all help create your own sanctuary."

While darker hues have seen a rise in popularity, don't eschew whites just yet. These 'safer' colours still command a place in the modern home. 

"Whites and off-whites from our Resene Whites & Neutral fandeck feature strongly in our colour schemes," says Jill. "Very popular colours at the moment are Resene Half White Pointer, Resene Half Rice Cake, Resene Quarter Spanish White, Resene Alabaster and Resene Half Black White."

These colours are soft and neutral and can be used generously in spaces – on all four walls, for example, rather than as a small accent only. They are useful where a darker colour may be too distracting. Even a lover of bold colours may need whites and off-whites to break up the palette. These neutral colours all pair well with the current trend for navy blues, greens and earthy hues.

Loving the luxurious and light living space - this week's The Block NZ winners revealed.
Dylan & Keegan's room. Photo credit: The Block on Three

Multifunctional with different textures

It's worth noting the other The Block NZ teams Meg & Dan, Tim & Arthur and Dylan & Keegan also scored well with their fabulous multi-purpose living spaces.

Dylan & Keegan created a fantastic balance between light and dark, moody and softness with their combination of textures. The overall effect in this living space meant you could receive clients or watch TV in this space.

The judges also loved Meg & Dan’s gorgeous artwork, oak flooring, beautiful rug and corner bar. Tim & Arthur produced a cosy, earthy and calm space and they loved the texture in the feature wall. 

But Connie & Rach were judged overall winners as everything was pulled together beautifully in their room to create a magnificent lux living space, the true soul of their home.

While Connie & Rach's winning living room won the judges over, more style ideas from The Block NZ teams' can be found at The Block NZ Fanzone.

To create The Block NZ trends featured in this article in your own home, visit Resene and Noel Leeming

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