Man makes girlfriend have surgery alone in foreign country so he doesn't miss England game

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know UK football fans around the world are celebrating England's groundbreaking win over Denmark this week - a result that saw them reach their first major final since 1966. 

Judging from the overwhelming reaction on social media and images of crowds gathering to celebrate, missing the semi-final was an absolute non-negotiable for many football fans.

But one woman's tale of undergoing surgery alone in a foreign country so her boyfriend didn't miss the game has shocked even the most ardent of fans. 

Posting in Reddit's 'Am I the Asshole' forum, the anonymous 27-year-old woman said she came down with appendicitis while on holiday with her 39-year-old boyfriend, forcing her to have surgery at a hospital around four hours from home. 

"I had a small complication during surgery so I had to stay until [yesterday]. My partner returned to work on Monday but he came back to pick me up," she explained. 

She went on to say the "timing was bad" as the hospital stay coincided with the "important football game".

"I am not English so I don't quite 'get' the importance but it's a big deal for him and so important, I wanted to make sure he'd see the game," she explained. 

"I suggested booking a room near the hospital so we wouldn't miss it due to the drive but he wanted to see the game at a friend's place. He said he'd make it.

While the woman was being discharged from hospital, her increasingly "agitated" boyfriend had to wait in the car due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

"After a couple of hours he sent me a text that he had to leave or he'd miss the game. I begged him to not leave and reminded him I could book a hotel," she wrote.  

"But he left without me, and luckily made it on time to see the start of the game. He said he'd come pick me up tomorrow instead."

The woman of course wasn't allowed to stay in hospital another night, so one of her friends ended up driving from London to collect her, and the pair got back around 2am. 

"The whole time I was trying to call and text my partner but he only said we could talk about it today. He only sent me one WhatsApp back that said he'd pick me up later but wanted to see the game."

If your eyebrows are raised already, things are about to get a lot worse 

"When I got home in the night he was so angry at me. He said I was the most selfish asshole for constantly ringing and texting him during the game and that I ruined the game for him and embarrassed him in front of his friends," the distressed woman wrote. 

"He said he cannot even look at me and that I bring so much drama with me it's humiliating to him. I feel at a complete loss."

The woman went to add she believed she "might be the asshole for not understanding the cultural significance of football and asking my boyfriend to do a completely unreasonable drive to pick me up".

"But on the other hand we could have watched the game in a hotel room and I wouldn't have been left alone in a hospital in another country." 

The post has since racked up over 3000 comments, mostly from horrified readers - football fans and otherwise - urging the woman to "dump him now". 

"He put a game over you! A game!! He wasn't playing in it, he wanted to watch other people play a game leaving you stranded at hospital and THEN he had the AUDACITY to be mad at YOU for interrupting his watching a GAME.. You mean nothing to him and he is proven that," one person wrote. 

"I totally agree and I am English. Yes, it's coming home and it's an amazing achievement for our country, but I would NEVER abandon my partner at the hospital just so as not to miss the first minutes of the game," someone else pointed out. 

Others put it more succinctly. 

"[What the f**k] did I just read? I'm literally speechless," was one comment.

If you have an ardent football fan in your house, it might be worth checking what they'd do in the same situation, just to be safe.