Married couples give their best relationship advice for young couples

Have you ever looked at a couple who've been happy for years, or even decades, and wondered: "How do they do it?" 

Well now they're spilling the secrets of long-term marital success after a Reddit user asked "Married couples, what advice would you give to young couples?"

The post quickly went viral, racking up over 1000 replies. 

Answers ranged from quick, cute tips, to more heartfelt things people have been working on throughout their relationship.  

Here are some of our top picks: 

"Fight the issue, not each other. It's the two of you against the problem, not against each other."

"Don't stress over the little shit. You'll get annoyed at things you didn't think possible, like how they organise themselves, how they load the dishwasher, and differences in opinions for trivial things. Let that shit go. Think about what truly matters to you before you start an argument over your misplaced toothbrush, the colour of paint to use in the living room or what's going on in the garage at 10pm with all the swearing."

"Kindness. Don't be short, rude, and proud. You have to live with this person the rest of your life. Always be kind. [And] forgive. You aren't immune to making any of the same mistakes. You're not as perfect as you think you are."

"Relationships shouldn't feel like work, ignore that common piece of advice. While relationships do take effort, it should feel more like a friendship and less like a job."

"Do things your spouse enjoys, and don't keep score. For example, my wife loves going to football games but I don't, and I love horror movies but my wife doesn't. But I still go to games with her, and she still watches horror movies with me. Support each other's hobbies and interests."

"Don't talk shit about each other to your friends or family members. You're a team. If you have a complaint and need to tell someone, be honest with your partner about it rather than telling a third party."

"Sit down once a month and look over your finances. Always have a master plan on what both of you want, then work together towards that. Communication is everything. Laugh at yourself more than you laugh at them. Fight fair. Little love gestures go a long way. Hold hands in public. Save money and create wealth."

"Sex and money. Figure that shit out early, it's what causes sooo many problems. An extra 'session' in the bed for 15 minutes a week can sometimes save a marriage. Be honest about money."

"The 5/5 rule: If it won't matter in five years, don't waste five minutes arguing over it." 

"Always, always make time for each other. Continue to show your love by deeds. Not just say it. Make it a habit to kiss and hug every morning." 

"Marry your best friend, I never understood all the '90s sitcom jokes of wanting to run away from your spouse etc. You should marry someone you love to spend time with. Yeah the occasional guys/girls night is nice and you'll both have interests you don't share, but I can do almost anything with my wife and have a great time."