Mum slammed for sharing teen son's work lunch when 'he should be at school'

'Lunchbox-shaming' has become a common occurrence on social media.

As if parents didn't have enough to worry about, it's become commonplace for others to attack them in Facebook groups for packing unhealthy food, not enough food, food with nuts... the list goes on. 

But one mum has been shamed for the lunchbox she packs for her teen son - but not for the reasons you might assume. 

According to The Daily Mail, the mum posted in a group dedicated to sharing budget-friendly meals about the massive lunch she packs for her 15-year-old son while he's at work. 

"Leftover Mexican chicken rice, leftover spaghetti bolognese, two bologna and sauce rolls, two homemade scones with butter and jam and a banana for good luck," she wrote in the post. 

Mum slammed for sharing teen son's work lunch when 'he should be at school'
Photo credit: Facebook.

But commenters were quick to question why her son works full-time instead of attending school, with one even asking if it was "even legal". 

"What kind of teenager needs to work such long hours, he should be at school," one woman wrote.

"All these poor children not able to live as kids," accused another. 

The mum was forced to explain her son "struggled in the classroom and hated school", so was given the option to work full time. 

"He trialled working and loves it," she said.

Other commenters jumped in to defend the mother's parenting.

"I've been sat trawling through the comments and all I can say is hats off to you for supporting your kid's life choices," wrote one fellow mother. 

"It sounds like he's doing what he loves, educating himself through his work and having a blast whilst he's doing it. You're the exact kind of mother I'm striving to be."

Another said that she would rather her child be happy at work than unhappy at school.   

"If the boy wants to go ten hours a day working and earning his own money you go get it kid well done," they wrote.

"Brilliant to see a kid want to go out and get it. As long as he gets his contracted breaks and he's looked after," added another.