'Murderer': Raglan mum says she gets death threats for taking 4yo daughter hunting

Warning: This article contains graphic images which may offend some readers.

A 23-year-old Raglan mum says she gets trolled with death threats on Instagram for posting about taking her four-year-old daughter on hunting trips. 

Jesica Murphy runs the Instagram page 'Hunting with Jess' where she documents her life shooting wild animals around the area including boar, tahr, deer and pests like possums and rabbits. 

Murphy says she's been hunting with her stepdad and now 70-year-old grandad since she was a little girl. 

She told the Daily Mail it's important to her that her four-year-old daughter Lya knows where the food on her plate comes from and has a respect and understanding of wildlife. 

"I love that we get to teach and show her where her meat that we have for dinner really comes from," she said. 

"Knowing that when she grows, she'll know how to respectfully use our wildlife as a food source to feed herself and others around her is a very proud feeling." 

But some Instagram users don't feel the same, reportedly messaging Murphy to tell her she's a "murderer" and telling her to "bathe in your own mother's blood".

Others have told Murphy she's raising Lyla to be a "murderer or assassin". 

But Murphy says she chooses not to listen to the trolls and instead hopes to educate other children on the benefits of organic meat and respecting nature.

It's not all negativity. A recent post that showed "little hunter" Lyla holding dead possums and rabbits saw hunting fans take to the comments to praise Murphy's parenting. 

"What a beautiful, hard-working mother you are," one commenter wrote. 

"Amazing stuff," wrote another.