New Zealand woman blasted for putting non-alcoholic RTD in kids' lunchboxes

Pals recently released an alcohol-free version of its popular seltzer.
Pals recently released an alcohol-free version of its popular seltzer. Photo credit: Reform Fitness NZ/Instagram/Twitter

A New Zealand woman has been slammed online after sharing a photo of her children's lunchboxes, which contained non-alcoholic RTDs.

An Instagram story on the Reform Fitness New Zealand page, shared by the director of the gym's Mt Maunganui wing, showed two lunchboxes containing cans of popular seltzer brand Pals, the NZ Herald reported.

Pals is a New Zealand-made low-calorie, gluten-free, vegan-friendly RTD and the company recently released an alcohol-free version of the drink.

In the Instagram story, the mum shared photos of the lunchboxes with the caption "Perfect addition to school lunches too".

The story is no longer live, but it was subsequently shared on other social media platforms - with some questioning and criticising the mother.

"Not something I would be putting in my kids' lunches. Most schools these days are water only too," one Facebook commenter said.

"Any type off [sic] fizzy in a kids lunch box is a no. WATER for my babies," another wrote.

However, some defended the mother.

"I can't imagine many kids would even like the taste of alcohol-removed drinks, but even if they do it's can't be any worse than kids drinking sugary soft drinks," commented another Facebook user.

"It's an alcohol-free drink? Nothing bad about it, it's likely got less sugar then [sic] a Juice/Coke," said another.

The mother confirmed to the Herald the post was a joke.

"A lot of my content is appealing to the general population and our clients who can have a laugh, not those who have the capacity to spin something completely out of context and actually think I sent my kids to pre-school and school with a Pal in their lunch boxes," she told the publication.

A Pals spokesperson told the Herald the company doesn't accept such behaviour and confirmed they hadn't asked the gym endorse their drink.