Nutritionist keeps cupboard full of fast food, 'junk' for years to prove it 'never goes off'

We've all heard the old tale about the McDonalds cheeseburger that was kept for over twenty years and never went mouldy. 

But one UK nutritionist has gone further than that, proving the shelf life of 'junk food' by keeping a cupboard full of processed foods she says never go off.

The nutritionist's daughter, TikTok user @elifgkandemir, gave a tour of the junk-food laden drawers in a recent TikTok, explaining that her mum has been keeping the items in the cupboard for over two years to "tackle obesity". 

Among the lineup are McDonald's cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, sausage rolls, fries, pastries, lollies, doughnuts and pizza. 

"These foods shown here are ultra-processed foods that 80 percent of the UK consume on a regular basis," the TikTokker explained in the video.

"Still fancy that burger?"

The video has racked up over 3.3 million views, with commenters' reactions ranging from interested to horrified. 

"I legit thought this was a snack cupboard," one person joked. 

"How interesting...Well I'm here for a good time not a long time," added another. 

"That is madness! It's so hard trying to be healthy," wrote a third. 

But others were critical of the experiment, saying it was deceiving. 

"All of those foods have definitely gone 'off'. They will be very dry - they just don't have the water content to grow mould, which is a separate thing," one person added. 

In a follow up video, the TikTok user added her mother wasn't saying that these foods should never be eaten. 

"It is true that you can have anything and everything in moderation, [but] 80 percent of a person's diet should not be made up of these foods.

"No food is off-limits, my mum is simply trying to encourage people to make better food decisions and live a happier, healthier lifestyle."