Revealed: How to find and avoid eating at Auckland's filthiest restaurants

If you fear feasting from the filth at Auckland's foulest restaurants, there's an easy way to avoid an unclean eatery.

Just days ago, Newshub revealed an appalling list of infestations and dirty premises. Eleven restaurants received E grades and 37 received D grades from Auckland Council between March 8 and June 30 for failing to have their outlets up to scratch.

These included problems like unhygienic premises, cross-contamination risks and "critical" pest infestations.

Photos supplied to Newshub show one food outlet with cockroaches and bugs sitting at the bottom of a drawer. Other images show bugs stuck to a glue rat trap and mouldy chopping boards.

A number of the eateries which received D or E grades in Newshub's latest list continue to hold bad grades.

Fortunately, you can avoid eating at one of these restaurants with a simple check. An Auckland Council website page allows you to search for the food grade of a restaurant or cafe, allowing the public to check their status before heading out for a meal.

You can check by the name of the food business, the street name or the suburb.

"Food grade certificates give customers assurance that the food that they are buying is safe and suitable to eat," the website says.

"They also show how well the outlet has met its quality and hygiene requirements under the Food Act 2014."