'Shameful': Interracial couple's slavery-themed photoshoot shocks internet

Internet users are reeling from photos of a couple who appear to have undertaken a slavery-themed photoshoot to celebrate their upcoming wedding. 

In the images being widely circulated online, a woman dressed as an 1800s plantation owner appears to be saving her Black fiance from a life of slavery. 

The photos include one depicting the shackled man sitting on the ground, picking at sugar cane. 

After an interaction with his white fiancee - including kissing her hands and having her unlock his shackles - a final image sees him pictured in a top hat in tails, apparently now part of the wealthy family. 

According to screensgrabs taken from the original poster's Instagram, the 'slave and master' themed engagement shoot had a bizarre storyline.

"1842. Days passed and everything changed, our love got stronger and stronger, he was no longer a slave, he was part of the family," the caption read. 

The photos have since been widely circulated on Twitter and TikTok, with social media users unable to believe that nobody reconsidered the shoot at any stage during the process. 

"What in the repressive Jim Crow Slavery hell  is going on here and why would any human beings in love decide to announce their love to the world by taking post-wedding slavery photos?" Twitter user 'Hey SunchallaJ' asked. 

"There were three people there, counting the photographer, and not one thought, 'should we [not do this]'?" questioned Randi Kinman. "And over 1400 people hit the like button? And it's part 2, like there's more? I so want to be at the wedding when the minister asks if anybody objects."

"There is such a sick feeling in my stomach. It's an 'interracial fantasy' romance novel. How was anyone OK with this from the couple to the photographer to friends and family they showed the proofs to and on down the line? This is harmful to self and others, especially Black Americans. Shameful," wrote Twitter user Kelley.