The sneaky way social media users are matching with Olympians on Tinder

Try it out for yourself.
Try it out for yourself. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Ever wanted to date an Olympian? Or at least have a chat with one? Social media users have uncovered a sneaky way of matching with the premier athletes on Tinder.

The trick appears to have first gone viral, with New York comedian Reed Kavner posting a video on TikTok showing him using Tinder's passport feature to say he was located at Tokyo's Olympic Village.

The premium feature allows users to choose any place in the world and swipe through people located there as if they themselves are too.

In Kavner's video, it appears to show him swiping through a number of Olympians.

"I paid for Tinder Plus so I can swipe in the Olympic Village and date an Olympian. I've only matched with one Olympian on Tinder. We haven't chatted, but I'll still count that as a success," the Daily Mail reports him as saying.

The video has now been viewed more than 6.5 million times, surprising Kavner. 

"I always hope that people enjoy the things I make and that it finds an audience, but I never expect something to go viral," Kavner told Insider. "I don't really think you can predict that."

"I was pretty surprised to wake up the morning after I posted it to find that it had been viewed 2 million times. And I definitely didn't expect that it would be on its way to 7 million views less than a week later."

Canadian swimmer Katerine Savard has replied to his video with a hands-up emoji, while many others have now taken to TikTok to share their experiences finding Olympians on the dating application.