Woman asks internet for advice after partner's odd comments about 'future boyfriends'

fighting boyfriend and girlfriend
Is a sign of insecurity, or something darker? Photo credit: Getty Images.

Every relationship has its own quirks and dynamics, but one woman has turned to the internet for advice after worrying that her boyfriend's comments about finding a new partner weren't normal.

Posting in Reddit's 'Relationship Advice' forum, the woman revealed her boyfriend of almost four years makes repeated comments of qualities she should "look out for in future boyfriends". 

"Is this normal?" she questioned. "I mean if he wants to end it, he should just tell me. He doesn't have to play games like this." 

The post racked up over 200 comments from concerned Reddit users, many of whom advised it was probably a sign that he didn't think the relationship would last. 

"I'd be confused and would think they were only with me until they find something else. It's very odd. Can he afford an apartment on his own?" one person questioned. 

"I had a shithead boyfriend who would say stuff like this. Once he even told me I would be perfect for his best friend. We were together for two years and he was never really into me," another revealed. "He did that thing that men tend to do where he waited for me to break up with him because he could never look like the bad guy. That was a waste of two years of my life." 

Others wondered if her partner was just insecure. 

"Some insecure people will constantly allude to the idea of a breakup or you leaving so that if and when it happens they can see 'see, I knew it'," one person explained. 

"I think he's fishing for reassurance from you. You need a real conversation," another added.

She's not the first person to turn to Reddit for relationship advice. 

Last month, a woman wrote she was "disgusted" by her husband after he started experiencing sympathetic pregnancy symptoms.