Woman recounts horror Tinder date as man brings dead cat

A 35-year-old Scottish woman who says she's been on more than 50 dates has shared some of her worst experiences, including a date who brought along his dead cat so the pair could bury it together. 

In an essay for The Sun, UK woman Jane Fulton revealed she's been on dating app Tinder for more than nine years and has been on a range of dates, ranging from the awkward - "don't say you're 6ft if you are 5ft3", to the gross - "please, guys, wash before you go out".  

"There was the bloke who couldn't stop swearing, the 60-something who catfished me with snaps taken a decade earlier in flattering black and white and the lad who gave me food poisoning before ghosting me," Fulton recounted. 

But easily the worst date had to be a guy who messaged Fulton asking if she was keen for a "mid-week walk". 

"With a good feeling about him, I wore a cute dress with my make-up perfectly applied and waited at the gates," she wrote, adding he looked "downtrodden" when he arrived and was "swinging a carrier bag". 

Upon asking him if he was OK, "that's when the tears started to fall". 

"'My cat,' he spluttered. 'He just died. I'm going to bury him and I didn't want to do it alone'," she explained.

"Needless to say, I was stunned and more than a little bit turned off as he told me in great detail about tabby Fred who'd died due to old age. 

"I'm ashamed to say, unwilling to partake in an impromptu feline funeral, I muttered something about an 'emergency' and fled the scene before blocking him on the app." 

It's not the first terrible date to make headlines. Back in 2019, a bioscience student penned her own list of "atrocious" Tinder dates, including a guy "who pooped himself in the queue at McDonald's".