Anti-vax mum licks several supermarket surfaces to show 'germs fortify your immune system'

Jodie Meschuk videoed herself licking several surfaces in a supermarket.
Jodie Meschuk videoed herself licking several surfaces in a supermarket. Photo credit: Twitter / @crazykarens

A self-proclaimed anti-vax mother is suggesting licking everything at your local supermarket to help build immunity.

Jodie Meschuk, who is a blogger from Colorado in the US, shared a since-deleted video to Instagram showing herself walking around a shop licking the fruit and vegetable bags, her shopping trolley handle, and the fridge doors.

As she walked around with her children, she told her 18,000 followers that "oxygen and smiles are life", "germs fortify your immune system", "exposure to germs build defences against asthma and allergies", and "microbes help digestion".

Meschuk has since made her Instagram account private.

Before she deleted the clip, Meschuk says she received a lot of backlash.

"So. Much. Hate today finding my page. You know when I first began to get targeted by the woke mob last year it was so so hard. Emotionally, physically and it would deplete me for quite a few days. I would question my beliefs. I would question myself," she wrote.

"I see it so different now. These 'people' aren't even thinking for themselves. One could even argue that they are not even real. They are a slave to a system rooted in harassment and bullying. They have handed over their minds to someone else - to Satan. To DARKNESS. How could they ever be proud of that? How can they ever find self-worth?

"Let me be clear. I will never back down to the mob. I will never stand down to Satan."

Meschuk lives a "holistic lifestyle", according to her social media accounts, and has posted about vaccines, which she claims have "never even been proven safe".

She's also written a book called Autism Reimagined: Our Story of Reversing the Diagnosis. In it, she attempts to explain that autism "isn't the life sentence we thought" and everyone is taught to believe it is an "unexplainable, irreversible mystery".