Best man kicked out of wedding for 'terrible' joke about bridesmaids during speech

If you've ever given a speech at a wedding, you'll know that often the best way to break the ice and get over any nerves is with a few tasteful jokes. 

The best man's speech is an especially hard one to nail; it needs to be heartfelt, humorous, and not too long. 

But one man has shared the moment he knew he'd "f**ked up" during a speech at his best friend's wedding, which led to him getting asked to leave. 

"It was going so well and people were laughing at all the right times and getting all the jokes," he began in a Reddit post. 

But then things took a turn for the worse. 

"I said, 'Bridesmaids, I am a bit short of time here and I don't really know you all so I'd just like to say that five out of six of you look stunning today... figure it out amongst yourselves'."

The man said the room "went dead". 

"I knew I'd really f**ked up," he admitted.

lineup of bridesmaids
The joke left one bridesmaid in tears. Photo credit: Getty Images.

The best man said he was mortified to find one bridesmaid was left in tears by his comments, despite the fact he "didn't actually mean any of them - it was literally just nonsense".

"The bride came up to me and just said 'I think it's best you leave' and the groom just nodded behind her. I felt so bad and messaged them all and also apologised on the group Facebook page."

The post racked up hundreds of comments from wedding guests who shared stories of some of the worst speeches they'd heard, and offered some advice to the man for next time - if there is a next time. 

One person replied to say: "As a wedding photographer, I feel this one. Big time. I have seen some terrible best man speeches in my 400+ weddings, but if I had heard this speech, it would have been my top two or three worst ones ever. That is quite the accomplishment."

"Rule of thumb for speeches, especially the best man speech," another offered. "You can barb the groom, you can barb the groomsmen; but bride and bridesmaids is 100 percent 'shower with compliments' section of the speech, full stop."