Body positive influencer Fallon Melillo shares horrifying moment she was turned away from party due to size

A body-positive social media influencer has shared the horrifying moment she was asked to get off a party bus during her spring break holiday, as they didn't allow "big girls" on board. 

Fallon Melillo posted a video on TikTok documenting the experience after she travelled to Miami with friends at the end of July, for a few days partying and relaxing. 

On July 31, the 27-year-old says the group decided to go to a pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel, travelling there on the party bus service provided for the event. 

But when purchasing tickets, Melillo says she noticed a clause on the bus service's Eventbrite ticketing page stipulating "no big girls for this party". 

"The doorman is very strict on appearance," the description read.  

"If you have had problems getting into exclusive clubs before, then this is not for you! Please don't waste your time nor ours thinking that we can get you inside if you do not meet the qualifications."

Melillo told BuzzFeed she and her friends reached out to the party organisers and were assured that despite the description, they don't discriminate against weight. 

"We were hopeful things would be fine," she said.  

But upon arrival, she was "shocked and embarrassed" when a male staff member took one of her friends aside and informed her that they would not allow Melillo to board.

"Being turned away in front of other people because of how I look and my size was absolutely humiliating," Melillo told BuzzFeed. 

"Even though I know I am beautiful on the inside and out, this moment made me feel helpless. This is what every plus-size person fears — being turned away from an event because of how we look."

Her video has racked up over half a million views, and the event page has been updated to remove the stipulation over appearance - although it now reads "a model look is encouraged". 

"As much as we would like to welcome everyone, admission to this exclusive event is very selective and we reserve the right [to] deny service," the updated event description reads. 

"What that really means is that if you're a bigger girl, they reserve the right to deny you," Fallon explained in a recently uploaded TikTok video. 

"So instead of blatantly showing their discrimination online, you have to go in person to be embarrassed and be denied at the door because you're bigger and plus-size."