'Creepy mummy': Clarke Gayford shows off Neve's beloved, 'disturbing' doll made by fan

Clarke Gayford says his daughter Neve is no stranger to "wonderful, handmade arts and crafts," but it's one particularly unusual doll that has captured the three-year-old's heart.

Gayford took to Instagram on Monday to share a video he called a "30-second distraction" to help followers "get through the week".

Brushing a doll's hair with its back to the camera, the fiance of Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern explained that many fans of his family send homemade gifts, usually directed at his young daughter.

"There's some real talent in this country, some incredible talent, and she's a very lucky three-year-old," he explained.

"Some of those things make their ways into our homes and that three-year-old's heart, including this wonderful dolly which Neve has given a name."

Turning the doll's hand-painted face towards camera, Gayford revealed the doll modelled on his partner has been nicknamed "Creepy Mummy" by Neve.

"Creepy Mummy would just like to say, 'hang in there, you've got this, even though it's Monday'," Gayford finished the video.

In the caption, he thanked the anonymous sender for their "masterpiece", adding they didn't include their details when sending the thoughtful gift.

The video has already racked up thousands of views, with 'Creepy Mummy' capturing the hearts of the nation.

Actress Robyn Malcolm dubbed it "genius", while other opinions were split on whether the doll was gorgeous or terrifying.

"Creepy Mummy is a vibe," one person wrote.

"Omg that is disturbing," another wrote.

"Sweet baby Jesus that is insane…ly gorgeous! All kinds of wrong but I love it and want it," another offered.

It's not the first time Gayford and Ardern have shared insights into their home life.

Earlier this year Gayford dished up a "genius" television-themed cake for his daughter's third birthday, which went viral on Arden's social media.