Father in the US sparks debate on TikTok after saying it is okay for his toddler to swear

  • 07/08/2021
A father in the US says he won't stop his child from swearing.
A father in the US says he won't stop his child from swearing. Photo credit: Getty Images

A father in the US has sparked debate online after saying he doesn't care if his one-year-old son's first words are a swear word. 

Connor Robertson outline three controversial rules he will raise his child by, including not caring if the first words the toddler mouths are "f**k" or "I love you".

Robertson was responding to a call on TikTok for unpopular opinions for parenting. 

"My kid will be allowed to swear, I do not care how old he is and I don't care if it upsets you or your children," he said in a TikTok clip. 

"He is more than likely going to grow up to be an adult who swears so might as well let him practice while he can.

"My wife and I actually have a bet over whether his first words are going to be 'f**k' or 'I love you' because those are the most popular words in our household," he said.

He said rule number two would be using the words penis and vagina, instead of the raft of other words parents use such as ding-a-ling.   

Rule number three was toys were not gender-specific - his son would be allowed to play with any toy he wanted to. He pointed to a pink chair the couple had bought from a garage sale that was cheaper than the blue one.

The majority of comments on TikTok agreed with Robertson, however not everyone would let their child swear. 

One user said "omggg I thought I was the only parent that didn't care about swearing that bet over the first words is literally me and my husband".

While another commented, "The sooner children start using curse words the sooner they'll learn when it's appropriate." 

"Parenting done right," said another user. 

However not everyone agreed, with one person adding: "Fast forward 20 years 'Why won't anybody hire my kids?'"

"The first one is just bad, if you raise them right they won't even swear as adults," said another.