Florists reveal the 'craziest' messages they've sent with flowers in viral Facebook post

A bouquet of flowers can be sent for a myriad of reasons: Birthdays, grievances, condolences, new job, new baby... The list goes on.

For that reason, florists have seen it all and it turns out some of the messages they've been forced to pen are more bizarre than others. 

Comedian Tanya Hennessy posted on Facebook last week, asking: "Florists, what is the craziest thing you've written on a card?"

The post racked up almost 4000 comments, both from florists and flower recipients sharing some of the more eye-opening reasons people sent blooms. 

Here are some of our favourite responses: 

  • "Thanks for letting us film at your place. Sorry about the mess." 
  • "I had to send 'I love you' cards to both wife and mistress in the same order!"
  • "My husband sent me flowers once and the card said 'I love you. That's all', He told the florist to write 'I love you', she asked him 'Anything else?' And he said, 'That's all'. So she wrote that too." 
  • "We once had a junior trainee that thought that LOL only meant 'laugh out loud'. Thank goodness we checked all the messages! As of course, some meant 'lots of love' - 'Dear Mary, so sorry to learn of the loss of your husband Barry, laugh out loud, your friends at work'." 
  • "'Dear Baby Daddy, I am keeping the baby, And I don't want this to be a secret anymore.' [It was a] single red rose delivered - and the wife answered the door!"
  • "I had one where a woman called me begging to tell her who the flowers were from - because if she took them home and they weren't from her husband he'd find out she was having an affair, but IF they were from him and she didn't thank him, he'd work out she was having an affair!" 
  • "Go near my husband again and I'll be sending you funeral flowers."
  • "Well not necessarily put on the card but I got the cards mixed up between someone whose mother died and a special wedding anniversary. So the bereaved got 'congratulations' and the anniversary couple got 'deepest sympathy'. Didn't live that down for a long time."
  • "I received flowers on behalf of my mom at her funeral. The card said 'get well soon!'."