Ingrid Hipkiss, Ryan Bridge reveal accidental 'intimate' moment on The AM Show

Ryan Bridge and Ingrid Hipkiss have revealed they had an "accidental" intimate moment as they prepared for The AM Show on Friday. 

Bridge, who is filling in for regular host Duncan Garner, opened up on the exchange where he and Hipkiss somehow accidentally kissed each other on the neck as they came into work. 

"This morning when I bumped into Ingrid in the office here, I said, 'good morning Ingrid' and she said 'good morning Ryan' and then we went for a kiss as we normally do," Bridge said. 

"Normally it would be a kiss on the cheek, I think, wouldn't it? But this morning, it was something else, something intimate happened." 

"I don't quite know how it happened, should we re-enact? No that would be weird," Bridge joked. "It wasn't on the lips, it was worse than that."

The AM Show fill-in newsreader Hipkiss went on to explain how the awkward exchange occurred between the pair, which she put down to the height difference between the two.

"Work's a very intimate space, and I accidentally kissed Ryan on the neck," Hipkiss said. "I think because I'm reasonably short and you're reasonably tall, where I thought your cheek was going to be, was your neck. 

"It was early, so I wasn't really aware." 

The AM Show sportsreader Mark Richardson gave his two cents on how a kiss between mates should work. 

"I can't believe I'm giving you coaching on this, but you're not actually meant to kiss, you're meant to go cheek to cheek," he says. "You might sort of make a kissing noise, but you don't go lips on skin, it's just cheek to cheek." 

Hipkiss doubled down on the reason for the awkward exchange, while turning it into a lighthearted moment. 

"Usually it's a skim, but it was the height difference that was the problem," she says. "It was early in the morning and we weren't concentrating." 

Richardson joked: "I'm going to need to run a workshop for you two." 

Watch the full exchange above