Kids missing takeaways in lockdown? This mum's hack for making mealtime exciting might help

While the rest of the country is set to move into COVID-19 alert level 3 on Wednesday and welcome back burgers and combo meals, Aucklanders still have a little while to go yet. 

If your family is missing their takeaway treat night and you're running out of kitchen creativity, one mum's hack for getting her kids to eat all their dinner might come in handy. 

US mum Shannon Doherty has over a million followers TikTok where she shares her parenting ticks and tricks, and in a recent video with over 100,000 views, she claimed to have "the best hack ever". 

"OK so your kids only want Happy Meals for dinner, right? This is the best hack, make a [Mummy] Meal," Doherty says in the clip.

The video sees her packing a handmade yellow meal box similar to a McDonald's Happy Meal but with the words "Mommy Meal" on the outside.

Inside fun-sized containers Doherty packs treats like homemade chicken nuggets and potato smiley faces.

"Put your own food in the cute containers, add a toy, and a juice box and instantly [mum's] dinner is totally good," she said.

Other parents praised the move and vowed to give it a try themselves. 

"OMG this is so smart! I need this in my life," one person wrote. 

"Perfection with the little toy," added another.