Kiwi woman uses nappy for 'genius' hair wrap hack

A New Zealand woman is being labelled a "genius" after sharing her life hack of using a baby nappy as a hair wrap.

Yvette Reid posted the trick in the Facebook group Kmart & The Warehouse Hacks & Decor NZ with photos showing her resulting hair style.

"Last night after showering with my three-year-old I realised it was 30 minutes past his bedtime, so I had no time to dry my hair," she said in the post.

"I cuddle him to sleep and didn't want to get a pillow wet, but I couldn't find my hair wrap. In a moment of madness/brilliance I grabbed a pull up nappy and chucked my wet hair up in it. So comfy that I fell asleep like that.

"Woke up this morning with completely dry wavy bed hair - and talk about volume. So yeah this will be me from now on, washing hair at night and sleeping in a nappy hat!"

Comments flooded in from Facebook users impressed with Reid's idea and sharing photos of how their hair looked after trying the trick - although some were concerned at the environmental impact.

"You're a bloody genius! Copyright that right away before someone else makes millions on your idea," said one.

"I wonder if period knickers would work in the same way? Better for the environment too," said another.

One person claimed: "There was an estimation that two percent of the world's landfill was disposable nappies, and they're a relatively new thing. Each one takes upto 500 years to decompose! You can use a 100 percent cotton T-shirt or just make a towel hair wrap."

At the time of publishing, Reid's Facebook post has racked up 3500 reactions and over 440 comments.

"For those without kids that want to try, my son wears size 5. And yes, I'm joining TikTok and will make a video of this asap," she added.

True to her word, and encouraged by the response to her Facebook post, Reid has launched a TikTok account and posted a video version of the life hack.

"I shared it with the Kmart The Warehouse hack page because I knew those followers would appreciate the thrifty ingenuity and have a laugh too. I didn't expect over 3000 people to like it though," she told Newshub.

"A few people messaged me saying I should put it on TikTok and I thought it was time to see what TikTok was all about! I do LOVE life hacks and I have a few up my sleeve that I also plan to share.

"But this diaper one was a complete fluke. I just didn't want to get my son or the pillow wet as we cuddled to sleep."

In response to the environmental concerns, Reid pointed out that you don't need to throw the nappy away after using it.

"It's not laden with water, just a little damp," she said.

"I just left it on my heated towel rail to dry."