Mum catches moment plane passenger calls kids 'badly behaved brats' in text

passenger calls kids brats on plane
The passenger referred to the children as "brats" before correcting to "kids". Photo credit: TikTok/Getty Images.

Many parents will know the struggle of trying to keep young children entertained and quiet on a long-haul flight. For those of us without kids, a few tears or screams are usually no big deal - a little compassion goes a long way, right? 

Well apparently not for one passenger who was snapped texting a friend that she was sitting in front of a row of "badly behaved brats"... by the mum. 

Amy Johnson posted a video on TikTok of the moment a woman in the seat in front of her complained about her kids in a text message, before changing "brats" to "kids".

Amy posted the video with the caption: "I actually didn't think the kids did terrible on the flight but clearly this woman had other opinions." 

Mum catches moment plane passenger calls kids 'badly behaved brats' in text
Photo credit: TikTok.

"Love us or hate us, we did our best to keep our four and one-year-old quiet and happy during the flight. Kids aren't for everyone," she added. 

In a follow-up video, Johnson clarified her son was "giggling and playing" with another boy on the flight, while her infant slept. 

Many TikTok users lept to the mum-of-two's defence, assuring her she had nothing to worry about. 

"Oh no, not people mum-shaming her for her kids being kids. Maybe next time she should put tape over their mouths, oh and zip-tie them for no movement," one person joked. 

"Kids have no sound filter. They will get loud until someone tells them, and you told them," another added. 

"Are kids supposed to just stay quiet all the time now? I understand being respectful and not disturbing others but the kids were just laughing."

However others thought she was invading the fellow traveller's privacy. 

"She's venting to someone and the fact she was patient enough not to say anything the entire flight earns her even more respect," one person pointed out 

Johnson has since made the video private, but it can be viewed on Ladbible