Revealed: Top baby names if you want your child to be a billionaire

Revealed: Top baby names if you want your child to be a billionaire
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A new study has revealed the top names for new parents hoping their baby will become one of the world's billionaires. analysed the Sunday Times Rich List, along with other data, to determine the most common names among the world's elite.

Topping the list of the top 10 most popular 'Billionaire Baby Names' for boys is David, which appeared 74 times during the research. 

Rounding out the top three were Alex and John/Jon, which cropped up 67 and 61 times respectively.

The most common 'Billionaire Baby Names' for girls were Elizabeth - which was featured 43 times - followed by Jasmine (32) and Ruth (31).

Founder of Aaron Harpin said picking a baby name is a "special and acutely traditional moment" for parents.

"While we think tradition is very important, we also think that giving your baby a name that makes them statistically more likely to be successful is a kindness any child would wish for.

"There are roughly 2000 billionaires in the world, and while many of their names vary, there are also a few that share a first name – and this, coupled with our own internal customer data, has allowed us to curate a list of the names most common amongst the very top level of the 1 percent. Of course there'll still be a lot of work to do once your baby is born, but using one of these names is certainly a start!"

The top 10 Billionaire Baby Names for girls and boys:


  • David
  • Alex
  • John/Jon
  • James
  • Mark
  • Jeffrey / Jeff
  • Larry
  • Bill/William
  • Rob/Robert
  • Michael


  • Elizabeth/Elisabeth
  • Jasmine
  • Ruth
  • Leonie
  • Sofia
  • Whitney
  • Zara
  • Rachel
  • Linda
  • Isabella