Influencer couple slammed after YouTube video implies 2yo daughter has cancer as a way to 'raise awareness'

Blonde Labrant family, with daughter they implied had cancer
The pair have 13 million subscribers on YouTube and combined over 10 million followers on Instagram. Photo credit: Instagram/ Savannah Labrant.

An influencer couple with millions of Instagram and YouTube fans have come under fire after insinuating their two-year-old daughter has cancer in order to attract views. 

US couple Savannah and Cole LaBrant have cultivated a massive following online by sharing their lives along with those of their three children: Everleigh, eight, Posie, two, and Zealand, one. 

The pair have 13 million subscribers on YouTube and combined over 10 million followers on Instagram.

But a video posted at the end of August had fans extremely concerned. 

Entitled 'She got diagnosed with cancer (documentary)', it appeared as if their middle child, Posie, was unwell. 

In the clip's YouTube description, father Cole LaBrant describes the "health scare" they had with their daughter. 

"We praise God that she is OK and healthy, but not all parents receive the same good news like we did," he wrote in the clip, adding they had made it "to help raise awareness". 

The 42-minute long video sees Cole describe the numerous blood tests and doctor visits they undertook after their daughter began to show worrying symptoms. 

"I wasn't eating, I couldn't sleep. She had bruising on her legs, like most kids do, but as you Google things you can convince yourself." 

It's a full six minutes into the video when Posie's parents confirm she wasn't diagnosed with cancer at all.

Savannah and Cole claim that while waiting for their daughter's potential diagnosis they were inspired to do "do something" in the "fight" against childhood cancer. The remainder of the clip features Cole visiting the parents of sick children, at least one of whom he gives an envelope apparently stuffed with $10,000 cash.

Comments on the video have been disabled, but former fans have taken to social media to express disgust for the misleading title and description. 

"The LaBrant family has been losing my respect for a while, but they really crossed the line with this one. How DARE they use childhood cancer as f**king clickbait and spend the first 10 minutes talking like one of their kids has cancer," one person wrote on Twitter. "This is disgusting." 

Another called it "absolutely appalling". 

"If all you wanted to do was spread awareness then title it something like: 'A documentary on childhood cancer' - [you're] gross," they pointed out. 

"Dude, Cole LaBrant is a disgusting human being. Profiting off of clickbait having to do with cancer, then proceeding to visit children in the chemo ward of hospitals during a pandemic all so he can get more clout. DISGUSTING," another added.