McDonald's worker fired after posting TikTok of gross revenge act on 'rude' customer

TikTok of sauce on ice cream
He was not expecting to face the consequences of his actions. Photo credit: TikTok/@mcdanksbitch.

A McDonald's worker who went viral for their act of soft-serve revenge has been fired after the video racked up millions of views. 

The worker received over 62 million views on a video of him making a frappe for a customer who allegedly behaved rudely in the restaurant - with a disgusting twist. 

Instead of standard caramel sauce, the worker doused the customer's drink with sweet and sour sauce. 

"When the customer has an attitude but you remember I only make $8.50 an hour," he captioned the clip. 

The clip racked up over 7 million likes, but some viewers dubbed the move "immature".

"Na that's just wrong," one person wrote. 

Another pointed out the person could have had an allergy the worker didn't know about. 

But they've now been forced to face up to the consequences of their actions, revealing in a follow up video they'd lost their job. 

Two weeks after the original revenge TikTok, the worker posted a video of himself waving goodbye to the restaurant where he worked.  

"Ladies and gentlemen you did it," he wrote in the text on the video. 

"You got me fired. Bye mcbitches."

However, he didn't get much sympathy in the comments. 

"You got yourself fired, don't cry and blame it on us," one person wrote.

"Now you are making $0. Glad that $8.50 is going to go to someone that will value their job," added another.