Melbourne mum forced to give birth in hospital carpark when new baby arrives after only three contractions

pregnant woman in car
The dramatic scene was like something straight out of a television show. Photo credit: Getty Images.

In a dramatic birth scene straight out of a television show, one Australian baby has entered the world already making headlines. 

According to 7 News, newborn Ella Milner was born in the passenger seat of her dad's new Subaru in the carpark of a Melbourne hospital over the weekend.

Her parents Stephanie and James were forced to rush to the hospital only five minutes after Stephanie's contractions began at home, and only made it as far as the underground carpark. 

After only three contractions, midwives reportedly had to deliver the baby in the passenger seat, next to the pay station. 

"(We were) in safe hands so at that point we just let it happen and then she was born," Stewart said.

"Very excited and relieved that it went smoothly in the end."

The couple didn't even make it out of the car.
The couple didn't even make it out of the car. Photo credit: 7 News.

Hospital midwife Raquel Iannello-Tabone told the Australian news outlet everything went well under the circumstances. 

"She was nice and pink and was crying straight away so it's an amazing sound to hear," she said. 

Car enthusiasts will be relieved to hear the brand new Subaru also got through the experience unscathed. 

"We're very lucky in all aspects - the car's fine, Ella's fine. Everything's worked out well," new dad James said.