'Move aside, Justin Trudeau': Kiwis lust for 'DILF' Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez, say 'thirst' is new vaccine side effect

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's reign as the world leader Kiwis would most like to spend lockdown with appears to be over.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is the country's new boyfriend, after he and our own Jacinda Ardern struck a deal to supply New Zealand with more vaccines.

But our newfound adoration for the 49-year-old appears to be less about vaccines than it is about his smouldering good looks. 

After Ardern said some "leader-to-leader engagement" (nudge nudge, say no more) with the leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party helped secure the deal, Kiwis rushed to look him up.

Then, it seemed, we all clicked on the 'images' search tab. 

"It seems THIRST is a side effect from the vaccines Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez is sending us," Sarah tweeted. "Oh my."

"Googling pictures of Pedro Sánchez for public health reasons," said Anna.

"NZers are now googling Pedro Sánchez, have discovered he is a DILF and are having a meltdown," said Robyn, using an acronym that shouldn't need any explanation (but in case it does, the Oxford Dictionary defines a DILF as "a sexually attractive older man, typically one who has children"). 

"Just wondering, did Pedro Sánchez take off his shirt to get a vaccine?" asked another. 

One Twitter user said Sánchez deserved "New Zealand's highest honour" - a cameo on Shortland Street - and others suggested he needs to come here and be thanked "personally". 

One woman requested a special Sánchez edition of the now infamous 'spread your legs' mug Chris Hipkins drank from at Thursday's press conference.

Many said they were considering dumping Trudeau for Sánchez - among them, AM Show newsreader Amanda Gillies. 

"I was sitting next to my partner watching that on the news last night pretending 'no big deal'. Didn't want to just pause the TV and think 'well, hello'. Just let it slide."

Host Ryan Bridge said his phone lit up with texts saying, "Oh my goodness, have you seen the Spanish President?" 

Sports reader and all-round manly man Mark Richardson said Bridge and Gillies weren't alone.

"Not just you. I'm an old hetero aren't I, and I would have to say I noticed that as well... When it came to political looks, I found his good looks more palatable than the goober from Canada." 

Pedro 'DILF' Sánchez.
Pedro 'DILF' Sánchez. Photo credit: Getty Images

Gillies stuck up for Trudeau, who started rocking a beard early last year. 

"Justin Trudeau, once he loses the beard, he's a good-looking dude. I think him, Jacinda, the Spanish President, we are so shallow but it's true - they are very good-looking."

"They're the hot ones at the class lunch," added Bridge. 

To settle it once and for all, Newshub asked our lifestyle editor and host of dating podcast The Snack, Sarah Templeton, what she thought of Sánchez.

"He immediately surpassed Justin as my hottest PM, shot right to the top," she said. "Couldn't believe I'd been living in the dark for so long. [Trudeau] was kicked to the curb at approx 2pm yesterday when I did a Google image search and fell off my chair."