'One for Te Papa': Crocheted Ashley Bloomfield up for sale

  • 13/09/2021

New Zealanders have a chance to see Ashley Bloomfield in their own home every day instead of just on the TV, as a crocheted figure of the Director-General of Health goes up for auction.

Crochet Craft NZ's Eddie Tassie has created the crochet of Dr Bloomfield with a removable facemask - and made it available for bidding on Trade Me.

"During this level 4 lock-down, I spent time creating a crocheted Ashley Bloomfield, standing at his 1pm announcement desk," the Trade Me description says.

"I think this makes for perfect lighthearted memorabilia of these times!"

The crochet was shared on the official Facebook page of Chooice, a group that helps small New Zealand businesses promote their goods to potential buyers. 

"That is so clever, really great craftwork," one commenter said.

'One for Te Papa': Crocheted Ashley Bloomfield up for sale
Photo credit: Eddie Tassie/Facebook

"Surely this is one for Te Papa," another wrote.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded last year, Kiwi artists have taken advantage by creating works depicting Dr Bloomfield and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - some of which have sold for thousands of dollars.