Peach Lumps: New version of Pineapple Lumps inspired by Fruit Burst released

  • 17/09/2021

Kiwi lolly fans may fondly remember the peach flavoured Fruit Bursts that, for some, were the favourite flavour in the pack.

Absent for some years, that peach flavour has now returned - but with a chocolatey twist.

Confectionary company Pascall has brought the flavour back in the form of Peach Flavour Lumps, which have a similar form to Pineapple Lumps.

It's the latest special edition of the Lumps lollies, following the company's release of similar limited edition special flavours based on Snifters and Milkshakes lollies.

"After the overwhelming success of recent collaborations like Pascall Snifters Lumps, Pascall Milkshakes Flavour Lumps and Pascall L&P Flavour Lumps, we can’t wait to hear what Kiwis think of this new flavour combination," says Mitch Newton of Pascall New Zealand.

"Kiwis may remember the delicious peach flavour Fruit Burst. Well, we've given this iconic lolly a modern twist by bringing it back in a new format."

Pacall's Peach Flavour Lumps inspired by Fruit Burst are released 17 September 2021 for a limited edition.
Peach Flavour Lumps inspired by Fruit Burst. Photo credit: Pascall

However, not everyone has been a fan of the special flavour runs. On review website Black Box Reviews, the Milkshakes Flavour Lumps have an average rating of 2.1 out of 5 stars, based on 10 reviews.

"Was really excited to try these and although they were nice, they didn't really taste anything like the Milkshake lollies," wrote user Alison with her 3 star review.

Now New Zealand gets to make its mind up about Peach Flavour Lumps, which were released on Friday.

Alongside confectionery from companies like Nestle, Cadbury, Black Knight and Mayceys, Pascall Peach Flavour Lumps inspired by Fruit Burst are available in supermarkets, dairies and convenience stores nationwide while stocks last.