The best Māori TikTok creators to follow this Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

It's officially Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week), a time to celebrate not only the Māori language but the culture, waiata, and importantly, the community.

Social media is one of the best places to find some of the best emerging Māori content creators, as evidenced by this collection of talented influencers making their mark on Aotearoa we put together on Matariki. 

Another destination to find some of the best local content creators is entertainment platform TikTok, where the Māori community is thriving. 

Videos with the hashtag #Māori have been viewed more than 850 million times, those with the hashtag #tereo have over 20 million. 

TikTok has announced it's launched a dedicated Māori hub that will live on beyond Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, making it easier to find Māori creators for education, inspiration, or entertainment. 

Here are some of our favourite Māori creators on TikTok to follow this Te Wiki o te Reo Māori and beyond, from the comfort of your whare. 

@joshkirkley is an astronomy educator by day for Stardome Conservatory and a TikToker by night. Kirkley began his te reo journey three years ago as a way to reconnect with his whakapapa and uses the platform to educate and entertain. On his TikTok he shares his te reo journey; the wins, the challenges, the nuances, and all the funny bits in-between. Plus by following him, you'll get to learn more about Māori astronomy.

@paniaofthekeef, aka Tayi Tibble's talent is multi-faceted. An award-winning poet, published author and stylist, Tayi makes videos on fashion, beauty, pop culture, colonisation, self-image, and Māoritanga (Māori culture, traditions and way of life). Need wardrobe inspiration? Check out her popular videos of her self-described "bougie native" modern Māori renaissance fashion.

@haukatangi_heta from the Waikato is a true TikTok success story, having been featured in media headlines around the world. Heta's knack for impressions and his TikTok skits show comical - and very relatable -  examples of family relationships and dynamics in Aotearoa. 

@emmajane.toi, or Emma Ormsby, is an emerging contemporary artist, currently studying fine arts and Māori studies. Having grown up on the North Shore of Auckland and not on her marae, she felt disconnected from her whakapapa and culture but recently discovered art as the perfect way for her to reconnect with her te ao Māori. Ormsby sees art as a way to share her culture with a broader community, inspiring both Māori and non-Māori. From large-scale murals to smaller paintings and traditional tattoo designs, Ormsby's talents, and TikToks, are diverse. 

@manawahine00 is a game developer and hobbyist, feminist and proud supporter of Wāhine. Morgana will entertain with her self-proclaimed 'mum jokes' while she educates on Māori people and their experiences. All with a healthy dose of sarcasm and eye-rolling.

As part of the Māori hub initiative, TikTok has also teamed up with a couple of Aotearoa's biggest artists and promoters of te reo Māori. 

As part of the Māori hub initiative, TikTok has also teamed up with a couple of Aotearoa's biggest artists and promoters of te reo Māori. 

The app will live-stream exclusive music performances from Six60 and Theia this weekend: Each will perform in Te Reo before explaining their personal and cultural connections to their songs and through a live Q&A with fans. 

Each show will be live on TikTok this coming weekend: 

  • Six60: Thursday September 16, 8pm 
  • Theia: Sunday September 19, 5pm