TikTok home cook shares 'secret' hack for cooking steak dubbed 'heart attack hazard'

The ability to whip up a perfectly cooked steak is the way to any carnivore's heart. 

One TikTok user says she's mastered the art of cooking a "restaurant-worthy" steak at home - but her method has other home cooks raising their eyebrows. 

In her recent video, 'What restaurants don't want you to know', US woman Tammy Louise slaps an entire stick of butter onto a raw steak, and massages it in, before flipping it over and doing the same on the other side. 

She uses about a 1:1 ratio of steak to butter - so not exactly what you'd call 'light'. 

She then seasons the butter/steak mix, before placing it in a pan on a mid-range heat. 

The steak is then left to cook in the giant pool of melted butter, before Tammy flips it, turns up the heat and adds yet more butter. 

Tammy says that during the cooking process, the "butter soaks [into the meat]". 

"It's going to make it creamy, yummy, all good."

The final result does look pretty juicy, but Tiktok users quickly rushed to the comments to counter Tammy's claims that it was the method restaurants used, instead calling it a "recipe for a heart attack". 

"I've been a chef for 23 years and I've never seen anything like that," one person wrote. 

"My arteries clogged just watching this," added another. 

"Guys, I work in a restaurant and I can clarify we do not do this," another wrote. 

If you're going to cook it for a potential date or loved one, we'd recommend making sure they don't have any heart issues first. 

It's not the first TikTok recipe to make headlines. Earlier this year another TikTok home cook shared her easy recipe for the four-ingredient cheese and bacon rolls she says are the perfect after school snack.