'Apartheid': The Pie Shop stands by controversial Facebook post about vaccine mandates

A Kumeū bakery is standing by a controversial Facebook post it made suggesting New Zealand's new COVID-19 vaccine regulations are a form of Apartheid.

The Pie Shop posted the message on Wednesday and acknowledged it wasn't a mistake on Friday after a backlash.

Apartheid was a brutal form of institutionalised white supremacy enforced by South African authorities in the 20th century. Under it, people were given rights according to their race, with black Africans afforded the least and whites the most.

Protests against the system of racial segregation were subject to vicious crackdowns resulting in an unknown total number of killings, and under Apartheid around 3.5 million black Africans were forcibly removed from their homes and pushed into segregated neighbourhoods between 1960 and 1983.

The Pie Shop, Kumeu, stating COVID-19 regulations are a form of Apartheid.
Photo credit: Facebook

As the COVID-19 Delta outbreak in Aotearoa has not been contained, the Government is shifting away from its alert level lockdown system to a vaccine certificate system to minimise deaths and other impacts from the pandemic.

The new system requires staff and customers in some sectors to be vaccinated against COVID-19, which has drawn criticism from some for creating what has been described as a two-tier society.

Kumeū's The Pie Shop, as a hospitality business, would be subject to the vaccine mandate, which appears to have upset its owners.

"The Pie Shop says, no to Apartheid, no to discrimination. We welcome all New Zealanders," the business posted on Facebook.

At the time of writing the post has over 750 reactions and almost as many comments.

The top comment reads: "Apartheid? Really? Everyone in New Zealand has the same rights, the Goverment are not denying anyone anything, they're simply rewarding compliant individuals with extra rights. Anyone else who wants those rights can gain them. They simply need to get vaccinated."

Comments on the Kumeu Pie Shop's offensive Facebook post about Apartheid.
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Another commenter stated: "Shame on you."

"Comparing Apartheid to vaccine mandates is ignorant to the extreme. Forced racial segregation such as what happened in South Africa is completely different to what is happening here. People in New Zealand have a choice," they continued.

"You obviously don't understand how offensive this would be to those members of society who experienced true Apartheid."

"Absolutely disgraceful," added another.

"The audacity of claiming Apartheid undermines everything true victims of Apartheid went through. Two reasons to avoid your business now. Grow up and show some respect to the people who were truly victimised."

Kumeu The Pie Shop "Apartheid" on Facebook.
Photo credit: Facebook
"The Pie Shop says, no to apartheid, no to discrimination. We welcome all New Zealanders."
Photo credit: Facebook

Newshub contacted The Pie Shop and a spokesperson who did not want to be named said the Facebook post was all the business wanted to say on the matter.

They had nothing to add to anyone offended by its wording, including anyone who survived actual Apartheid.

Not all of the Facebook comments were negative. One stated: "Good on you. I can't believe some of the nasty comments on here; actually it's no surprise. Brainwashed muppets living in fear... Let's see who is on the right side of history."

Another added: "Nice one guys, one business at a time we shall turn the tide. Big respect for no discrimination and welcoming all."

At the time of publishing, The Pie Shop has not taken the post down and doesn't appear to be replying to comments under it.