Food prices from 1999 shock New Zealanders

  • 13/10/2021

Kiwis are shocked by a Pak'nSave ad from 1999 which has been unearthed and posted to Reddit.

The newspaper ad shows the weekly specials - with some incredibly low prices.

Back then a 1kg block of mild or Colby cheese cost just $3.99, while tenderised steak also cost $3.99 per kg.

A 1kg bag of frozen peas cost 99c, and you could pick up 10kg of potatoes for $4.99 per bag.

It's sparked discussion over how much food prices have risen over the past 20 years.

"$3.99 in 1999 is ~$6.50 today according to the RBNZ inflation calculator. So even accounting for inflation, cheese prices have roughly doubled in the last 20 years," one person commented.

"I don't think you can get any sort of beef for under $10kg now. Unless it's like soup bones or something like that," another said.

The blast from the past also brought back other memories of how things used to be in the previous millennium.

"My mum used to give me $10 each week when we went to the mall and I used to get a $5.50 super combo and a $3.95 cassette music single of whatever was the popular song of the week," was one reminiscence.

"A movie ticket was $5.50, a bag of Pascall's lollies was $1.50 and a return bus ticket was $2.50. I could have lunch and go to the movies for $15," another recalled.

However others have pointed out that technology is now far cheaper than it used to be - although whether this makes up for higher food and house prices is debatable.

"Back when it was more expensive to rent a new release movie or video game than to buy a kilo of steak," one commented.

"Also I'm pretty sure some old gaming magazine I used to read had ads in it for n64/PS1 games and they were more than $100 brand new.

"But at the same time I'd rather have cheaper food and a house than more technology around my house."