Halloween comes to New Zealand despite COVID restrictions

Police in Auckland and Waikato have told parents and kids to be respectful of COVID restrictions this Halloween and don't go trick or treating tonight.

As for those in Christchurch, they're making the most of the relative freedom of level 2 to take off their masks and put on their makeup.

For some, Halloween is a serious all-day event.

The Canterbury Cos-Play community is celebrating the spooky season with a quaint picnic in the park.

The serious business of what costume to wear has been months in the making for a group not unfamiliar with playing dress-up.

"I've just always really loved dressing up ever since I was a child and honestly it's just become more expensive for me over the years and a lot more elaborate," one person says.

Even Spider-Man dropped in, warming up for a full-on night.

"Halloween's a really busy night for me, aye. Yeah, there's heaps of badasses out there, yeah, so I've gotta sort them out."

Overseas, you'd hardly know there was a pandemic. The streets of Hong Kong were heaving with characters from Scream, Harry Potter and Squid Game.

But no one does Halloween better than the Americans. Revellers were out in numbers, living their best at the annual Key West Halloween Parade. And of course they lay it on thick for children too.

Meanwhile back here, the festivities are a little simpler but just as scary.