Struggling with eye fatigue? Top tips for dealing with symptoms of digital eye strain

If you find that your eyes get tired during the day it might be a sign that you're experiencing eye-fatigue. 

Digital eye strain symptoms include dry or irritated eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue, headaches and difficulty reading small print. It's not caused by the light of your phone or computer screen, but rather when working too close to the screen.

Digital eye strain is a huge problem. Research conducted for Specsavers found that even before COVID, eight out of ten (86 percent) of office workers were experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain.

Tips for dealing with digital eye-strain

  • Take regular breaks from your computer screen, phone or device. 

  • Use the 20:20:20 rule. Look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. 

  • Drink more water, blink more often, and adjust the brightness or contrast of your screen.

  • Reduce the glare on the screen and adjust the position of your screen (sit around 60cm, or arms length away).

  • Get regular eye tests. It is recommended that everyone has an eye health check every two years (unless otherwise advised by an optometrist). However, anyone who notices a change in their vision should get it checked as soon as possible. 

Watch the video above to learn more about it. 

This article was created for Specsavers.