Wedding guest's shock after being charged $7 by bride for eating 'extra' slice of cake

Even the most intimate of weddings can be expensive, so many couples over the years have attempted to cut some corners on costs where they can. 

But one wedding guest has publicly put his friends on blast for being cheapskates after he was invoiced for an "extra" piece of wedding cake he ate at their reception. 

Posting in a popular wedding shaming forum on Reddit, the unhappy guest - identified by Newsweek as UK man John Puffin - posted a screenshot of a text conversation he allegedly had with the bride following the day of the wedding. 

The English bride sent a video of CCTV footage showing Puffin grabbing an extra slice of cake at the wedding. Confused, he replied he didn't know what she meant, so newlywed explained she and her husband were looking over the CCTV footage and saw that he had two pieces of the wedding cake.

"We announced that each guest must pay per slice and noticed that you only paid for the one," the text continued. "Can you please send the £3.66 (NZ$7.15) asap."

Puffin explained in his post that he paid for his first slice after it was announced on the day guests would be helping to pay for their cake. "[This] apparently didn't count for the second," he added. 

Puffin told Newsweek the wedding was very nice, and "the cake was lovely", but the whole debacle left "a sour taste".

"I've inboxed the couple as I think it's ridiculous that I pay for a slice for the wedding cake," he said, revealing the wife "responded quite abruptly" and told him that they need the money. 

He also claimed she told him that "being frugal is an unattractive and ugly, ugly trait in a man".

Commenters on the Reddit post couldn't believe her "insane" response. 

"They reviewed the tape? What the f**k," one person wrote. 

"Tell them to take you to small claims court," another joked.

Others couldn't believe guests were asked to pay for a slice of cake in the first place. 

"It's incredibly cheeky to ask guests to pay for the cake, let alone review footage and then bill guests after the fact for £3.66! How are they not embarrassed?" questioned one person.

"I'm not sure which I'm more horrified at 1) making guests pay for wedding cake at all 2) monitoring the footage for guest consumption," another said.

It's not the first case of a frugal bride and groom to make headlines. Earlier this year, another wedding guest took to the same forum to describe the 'horror' wedding she had just attended, where the food had run out and guests were made to clean the dishes.